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At Nüwa Natural Health, we offer Acupuncture and TCM as drug free treatments aiming to enhance the ability of the body to heal and find true balance. Acupuncture may be helpful in reducing the troubling symptoms of many conditions, and takes a holistic approach to healthcare, integrating the mind, body and emotions.

It is a completely pain free treatment that inserts very thin needles into body points to initiate responses from the central nervous system.  Research suggests that the modulating effects on pain (1) and metabolic disturbance (2) are achieved through acupuncture's ability to increase blood circulation and stimulate the release of neurotransmitters, such as endorphins and other natural opioids. Acupuncture may also have a positive effect on brain chemistry through the regulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are responsible for the smooth running of hormonal activity in the body.

We are learning more about the benefits of acupuncture all the time (3), with many patients reporting enhanced relaxation and increased energy. Acupuncture is an alternative treatment option that is believed to encourage immune function and the body’s natural ability to heal.

A caring and holistic approach

Working with a Nüwa acupuncturist is very different than being seen by a western medical practitioner. The aim is not to ‘treat you’, but for you to become a partner in your own health, as we take you on a journey towards a greater understanding of your body and improved wellbeing.

At Nüwa, our goal is to provide support for the functions in your body that determine your overall wellbeing – this includes your digestive health, breathing, temperature control and your hormonal and sexual health. To achieve this, your treatment journey will also incorporate other techniques used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The following therapies are also included in The Nüwa Way:


Moxibustion is a heat therapy used to invigorate the flow of Qi in the body. Natural herbal candles known as "moxa" are burned on or very near the surface of the skin to stimulate blood flow (4). This initiates a warming sensation along the meridian channels and encourages a relaxed feeling. 

Traditional Chinese Herbs

Your Nüwa Natural Health practitioner may prescribe a Chinese herbal formula specifically for you. Over 450 substances are commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine and often each blend is made with a unique mix to support the individual client’s needs.

Chinese Dietary Therapy

‘Food as medicine’ is fundamental to The Nüwa Way and one of the foundations of TCM. We encourage our clients to take a whole foods approach to their nutrition. This often means an anti-inflammatory diet and the inclusion of specific foods to nourish the body and promote a healthy gut.  

Remedial Cupping

Cupping is a supportive bodywork treatment which may become part of your treatment plan if you have an acute injury or muscle pain. It involves the use of massage cups to bring blood to the surface of the body (5) and supports the movement of ‘qi’ energy to specific areas.

Tui Na Massage

Tui Na Massage is a traditional Chinese massage using the therapeutic technique of acupressure. By massaging specific points of the body, this technique aims to support the relief of tense muscles and relax the mind.

As part of The Nüwa Way, we work with you closely to combine a therapeutic mix of treatments that we think will be most beneficial to your individual circumstances.   

For fertility and hormonal acupuncture, we aim to understand your menstrual cycle and how hormonal imbalances may be manifesting, such as in conditions like endometriosis or PCOS,to provide a course of treatments tailored to your hormonal needs. 

For most conditions, The Nüwa Way recommends a series of acupuncture treatments in recommended alongside other traditional therapies. Your experienced practitioner will talk you through a personalised treatment plan - and can also show you what to do between appointments to optismise the impact of each appointment.  

The Nüwa Way invites you to become a true partner in your health and wellness today.   

What to expect in an Acupuncture treatment

In your initial treatment your acupuncturist will thoroughly review your medical history and your current complaint. After gathering all the appropriate information they will then access your individual needs and concerns to formulate a treatment plan. Once your practitioner understands what you wish to achieve out of your treatments they may prescribe other Traditional Chinese Medicine practices to increase effectiveness. These TCM techniques include:

  • Moxibustion
  • Remedial Cupping
  • Chinese dietary therapy
  • Chinese herbs
  • Electro-acupuncture
  • Tui Na Massage

Treatment frequency is determined on an individual basis depending on the nature and duration of the condition or illness.

Acupuncture involves placing very fine needles into certain points on the body to correct imbalances in the body’s flow of Qi (energy). Normal sensations felt during acupuncture treatment may include heaviness or tingling at the point of insertion, a sign of Qi activation. 

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