Natural Fertility

It is becoming more difficult for couples to conceive on their own these days due to many environmental factors, stress, foods and lifestyle choices. It is important to address these issues when trying to conceive. There are a lot of possibilities why pregnancy is not occurring naturally or as quickly as expected. In most cases the body just needs a bit more support and nurturing to create balance.

At Nüwa Natural Health, we can help to regulate your cycle, identify ovulation and determine your optimum times to conceive.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments will concentrate on: hormonal imbalances and support, egg quality and development, healthy endometrial lining, regular ovulation, implantation, maintaining pregnancy once implantation is successful, stress and anxiety

It is also important to remember that men are the other half in the equation of natural conception and in some cases they may need some treatment them selves. Nutritional and lifestyle support are very important for the health of sperm as well as sexual performance. It is recommended that couples have a consultation each so that an appropriate treatment plan can be discussed.